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Four school districts came together to work on the problem of the lack of teacher diversity and decided with input form other districts to form Diversity Recruitment of Educators Association for Miami Valley.  The goal is to ensure that the diversity of educators is consistent with the changing demographics of the student population. 

The original districts included Mad River Local Schools, Jefferson Township Local Schools, West Carrollton School District, and Oakwood City Schools.  These districts are also part of the I Educate Montgomery County and collaborate with higher education partners, including Wright State University, Central State University, the University of Dayton, Miami University, and Sinclair Community College. 

These original districts have now expended to include other school districts in the Miami Valley area. 



Mad River Local Schools

Mad River Local Schools is located in Riverside in Montgomery County. This area is becoming more and more diverse, yet the numbers of educators of color have lagged behind the growth in Black, Latinx, and Asian students. 

To close the gap and provide positive role models for all children, including white students, Mad Rivers has been recruiting more teachers of color. 

As part of this process, Mad River became excited about the prospect of Growing Your Own models that created teacher pathways for students. Exciting students in the prospect of changing the lives of others is a wonderful way of growing your next generation of passionate and caring educators and leaders. 

It is this work that eventually brought Mad River together with three other districts.


Education is the start of all careers…

Jefferson Township Local Schools





Jefferson Township is a long way across the county from Mad River Local Schools. The school district is small and the demographics are different.

However, the Jefferson Township staff were thrilled with the possibility to collaborate and bring their own needs and ideas to the table. 

Jefferson Township wants to be able to ensure those disparities are reduced for all students. 

Each of the districts has unique qualities, and Jefferson Township includes a wide range of neighborhoods and homes. The small size of the district often makes piloting new strategies since so many individuals in the school system must wear multiple hats. 

However, that personal touch and smaller size also is a wonderful strength.  







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Oakwood City Schools

Over the decades, Oakwood City Schools has become more diverse. Meeting the growth in Black, Latinx, and Asian students has resulted in the need to recruit more diverse staff. 

Although larger than Jefferson Township, Oakwood is a smaller district and this allows families and school educators to forge strong bonds. 

Oakwood is excited to be implementing new strategies to promote equity.  

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Oakwood Ci

West Carrollton School District


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West Carrollton School District is located in the southern portion of Montgomery County. and serves more than 3,700 students from the City of West Carrollton, portions of Miami Township, and the City of Moraine. 

The district’s schools include an  Early Childhood Center serving Preschool and Kindergarten students. Three Elementary schools serving grades 1 through 5 within West Carrollton School District. One Middle School serves grades 6 through 8 and one High School.  

All students from Preschool to High School have the opportunity to engage in a wide array of learning experiences. We are committed to addressing equity gaps and high achievement for all students. 


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