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The Grow Your Own pipeline for high school students and recruiting efforts depend upon strong relationships with local colleges and universities.  The four districts are working with nearby colleges and universities to connect high school students through the pipeline or to link paraprofessionals who need to finish a degree or credential for a teacher license. The districts also work with Departments of Teacher Education around student teaching positions and field experiences as well as recruiting.

Colleges and universities have various supports for students including academic advising, retention services, and peer supports for specific racial/ethnic groups. Many Teacher Education programs have a variety of testing and study supports for persons prior to entrance into the program or before the licensing applications. Colleges and universities also have a range of resources for grants, loans, and scholarships.

The districts also work with the local institutions of higher education to recruit students through a variety of events, including career fairs.

Central State University

The four districts are excited to work with Central State University to complete this project. The only public historically black college and university (HBCU) In Ohio, CSU offers critical supports to persons interested in completing a degree in education. Click on Learn More of visit the CSU web site. 

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The University of Dayton

UD has enjoyed extensive success in diversifying the student population. Transparency regarding tuition and seamless transition from Sinclair Community College is a critical part of expanding diversity. UD also offers to certificate through the Urban Teacher Academy.  Click on Learn More to go their site. 

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Sinclair Community college

Sinclair Community College offers a range of services to support students of color including the African American Male Initiative and A Culturally Educated Sisterhood (ACES). Sinclair also provides College Credit Plus coursework to students in the Grow Your Own Pipeline at Mad River Local Schools and will expand this to other districts.  Currently, Sinclair offers 12 hours of college credit through Mad River’s Teacher Pathway. 

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Miami University


Miami University offers the Urban Cohort program as part of its teacher education program. Students become involved in urban experiences throughout the process of completing their degree. We are delighted to have Miami University as a partner, offering our high school students a range of options to consider in completing their education. 

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